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   Karpis as a Teenager
Karpis as a Teenager
 Juvenile Delinquent 

Alvin Karpis was breaking into stores and stole his first gun at the age of ten. When he reached his teens, he was already a criminal and one of the most feared guns in the Midwest.

As a young teenager, Karpis loved trains and riding the rails from Iowa south through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas into Louisiana and Mississippi, and from Ohio west through Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota and into the Dakotas. Young Karpis was caught riding the roof of the Pan American into Florida and sentenced to 30 days on a chain gang. (his first criminal record)

In 1926, at the age of eighteen, he was captured while robbing a warehouse and sentenced to five to ten years in the reformatory in Hutchinson, Kansas, where he expanded and developed his education as a criminal.

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