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   Karpis as a Teenager
Alvin "Creepy" Karpis
 Criminal Career 

Alvin Karpis escaped from Hutchinson and within ten years became a crime legend.

He robbed banks, had shoot-outs with the police, kidnapped the wealthy for ransoms, and held up trains. He joined forces with Freddie Barker and his brothers to form the Karpis-Barker gang, known in crime mythology as the Ma Barker Gang.

(Ma Barker was not a criminal but merely a devoted mother living with her sons. Only after the old woman was riddled with FBI bullets and killed with Freddie at their home in Florida, did the authorities start the rumour that she was the mastermind of the gang.)

At one time, Karpis was wanted for murder in fourteen different states. The police nicknamed him Old Creepy or Creepy Karpis.

Alvin Karpis described his criminal career in the book,
Public Enemy Number One: The Alvin Karpis Story,
published in 1971.

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