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Special Edition 2008
Includes author's appendix
about the life of Alvin Karpis after prison (1969-1979) and his death in Spain.

    This is the personal story of Alvin Karpis, Canada's most notorious criminal, and Alcatraz, America's most famous prison.

In the 1930's Crime era, the FBI tagged only four men as Public Enemy No 1 John Dillenger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, and Canadian-born Alvin Karpis. All but Karpis met violent ends.

In 1936 the FBI arrested Karpis in New Orleans. He received a "life" sentence on a kidnapping charge to be served in the mysterious superprison in San Francisco Bay - Alcatraz.

For twenty-six years Alcatraz housed America's most dangerous criminals, and inside the walls and cells bloody death, sexual perversity, and the brutality of the gaurds were commonplace. Karpis describes the black hole - solitary confinement - and tells of the violent deaths of the cons who failed in their escape bids.

ISBN : 978-0-919788-17-6
List Price :$14.95 US

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