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    This fifth book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to the war of 1812 between Britain and the U.S.A. The emphasis is on the battles and personalities of the conflict, particularly the Canadian, native and British leaders, although the American leaders and victories are included.

* Applying war paint
* Chocolate fudge recipe
* Creating an army
* Making a soldier's hat
* Playing a war game
* Singing an 1812 war song
* Tying ship's knots
* Solving an 1812 crossword puzzle

Hero of Upper Canada : General Isaac Brock
Native Allies : Tecumseh
Battle of the Lakes : Sir James Lucas Yeo
Teenage Courage : Billy Green
Heroine of Upper Canada: Laura Secord
Defending Lower Canada : Lieutenant-Colonel de Salaberry
The Final Invasion: General Drummond

ISBN 0-7737-5665-5
List Price : $12.95

French version available


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