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    This second book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to the customs and lifestyles of the adventurous explorers who discovered the unknown territory that would become Canada after the fur trading era.

* Building a canoe
* Playing a Voyageur game
* Writing a movie script
* Making a tepee
* Learning Indian bead work
* Keeping a journal
* Making a native basket
* Creating a map
* Solving a Northwest crossword puzzle

The Hunted : The Beaver
The Hunters : Fur Traders
Women of the Fur Trade : Metis and Natives
The Bay to The North : Pierre Radisson
West to the Rockies : The La Verendryes
First Across the Continent : Alexander Mackenzie
Shooting the Rapids: Simon Fraser
Star Gazer : David Thompson
People of the Northwest: Natives and Inuit
Massacre at Seven Oaks : Lord Selkirk
Friends to the Rescue : Grey Owl and Anahareo

ISBN : 0-7737-5304-4
List Price: $12.95

 French version available 


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