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The Great War Cover

NEW IN 2006
The Great War
ISBN: 1-55005-136-9

    The 10th book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to Canada’s role in the Great War (WWI)

* honour a Victoria Cross recipient
* make a multicultural force
* write a coded message
* make a periscope
* targeting and observation
* solving a Great War crossword puzzle

Assassination: Franz Ferdinand and
the Black Hand
Western Front: Raymond Brutinel, Andrew McNaughton, and others
Eastern Front: Joe Boyle, Lawrence of Arabia, and others
Home Front: Beth Smellie, Mabel Adamson, Mata Hari, and others
U-Boats and Battleships: Admiral Jellicoe, Admiral Scheer, and others
Flying Aces: Billy Bishop, Billy Barker,
and others
The Final Years: Julian Byng, Arthur Currie,
and others

World War, 1914-1918-Canada-Juvenile literature
List Price $12.95
ISBN: 1-55005-136-9

French version available


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