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NEW IN 2008
The Mounties
ISBN: 1-55005-135-3

    The 11th book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to Canada's legendary RCMP police force .

* make a Mountie Pill Box Cap
* create a Mountie booklet, DVD, or web page
* tracking and observation
* panning for gold
* fingerprinting and identification
* Mountie crossword puzzle

* Scarlet Soldiers: George French, James Macleod, Jerry Potts, and others
* Great Lone Land: James Morrow Walsh, Acheson Gosford Irving, and others
* Railway and Settlement: Sam Steele, William Wilde, Billy Fury, and others
* Prairie Rebels: Paddy Crozier, Francis Dickens, and others
Yukon Gold and Artic Patrols: Klondike Kate, Zak Wood, Denny LaNauze, and others
* RCMP: Henry Larson, Robin Cameron, Bev Busson, and others

RCMP Police - Canada - Juvenile literature

ISBN 1-55005-135-3
List Price : $14.95

French version available


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