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    This fourth book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to the customs and lifestyles of the native tribes that lived in Canada before the arrival of the white Europeans.

* Building a longhouse
* Playing an Inuit game
* Creating a family totem pole
* Making a Makah bird mask
* Playing a Cree moccasin game
* Learning Plains sign language
* Inventing a native nickname
* Solving a native peoples crossword puzzle

People of the Rising Sun : The Giant Glooscap
Clans of the Longhouse : Sky Woman
Nomads of the Trail : Wisakedjak
Inuit of the North : Father Raven
Natives of the Plain : Thunder Man
Plateau People : Coyote
Totem Tribes : Fog Woman

ISBN : 0-7737-5602-7
List Price : $12.95

French version available


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