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    This sixth book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to the history of the Canadian Railways.
The emphasis is on the unique trains, events, occupations and personalities of the time.

* building a model locomotive
* identifying engines
* making a surveyor’s transit
* solving switching puzzles
* playing a board game
* solving a Canadian Railway
   crossword puzzle

The Surveyors:
Sandford Fleming and others
The Politicians:
John A. Macdonald and others
The Opponents:
Rebels, Natives and Rioters
The Businessmen:
William Van Horne and others
The Women:
Jeanie, Lucy, Isabella and Susan

Canadian Social Science
English (Language Arts)
Recommended Grades 5-10

ISBN: 0-7737-5901-8
List price: $12.95

 French version available 


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