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    This first book in the Discovering Canada series introduces young readers to the customs and lifestyles of daring men and women who first crossed the ocean from Europe, 500 years before Columbus, and created settlements in Canada's present-day province of Newfoundland.

* Building a Viking house
* Playing a Viking board game
* Building a Viking ship (knarr)
* Making a husnotra
* Writing a Viking saga
* Learning back-yard archaeology
* Making Viking helmets and weapons
* Solving a Vinland crossword puzzle

Norsemen: The Vikings
Northern Neighbours: Eirik the Red
Getting Lost:Bjarni Herjolfsson
Exploring: Leif the Lucky
Starting a Fight: Thorvald Eiriksson
The Youngest Son: Thorstein Eiriksson
Seeking a Home: Gudrid and Karlsefni
Native People: Skraelings
The Last Voyage: Freydis

ISBN : 0-7737-5209-9
List Price: $12.95

 French version available 


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